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Our company provides human resource dispatch service for many enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, creates special employment plan and personnel management plan for each enterprise, takes "reducing costs and increasing efficiency" as the common goal, and the mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation policy. Service and management, in the new business model, "close to the needs of industry, school-enterprise integration" is our purpose of service. At present, we have adopted the operation mode of "big platform, small organization" in the Pearl River Delta, forming a human resources industry chain system which integrates "teaching, training, employment guidance, talent delivery". Through a series of services, such as student placement practice, order training and training, joint school running, human resources dispatch, personnel outsourcing and so on, we can select and train suitable talents for enterprises and promote the employment, practice and work of various schools through our efforts. We will work together with partners to build Anpai Labor Dispatch Co., Ltd. into a well-known, reputation in one of the brand companies. We take this as our goal and make continuous efforts to strive for breakthroughs, steady progress and continuous innovation.

Our company has cooperated with Jiang Senior High School Center of Guangzhou Post District Central Bureau and China Post Express Company for a long time on the ground operation service project of mail. We have summed up a set of unique human resource management methods. At the same time, due to our high quality services and resources, from Jiang Senior High School Center of Guangzhou Post District Central Bureau to Guangzhou Mail Air Processing Center (Guangzhou Airlines) and Baiyun Airport International Station, the ground mail operation services have been fully recognized and recognized by the partners.

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