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Recently, Guangzhou Customs has opened the "one point customs clearance" business on the Sui'ao Post Line. Mails sent to and from the Mainland and Macau via the Guangzhou Customs Postal Goods Supervision Center enjoy convenient service, and no longer need to transfer to other regional mail exchange offices for customs formalities. At this point, Guangzhou and Hongkong, Macao have achieved fast mail clearance. Among them, 11.815 million Hong Kong inbound and outbound mails have passed the customs quickly since the start of "one point customs clearance" in 2016.In recent ...
Time: 2018 - 09 - 18
In 2017, China and Europe Banlie opened 3673 columns, an increase of 116% over the same period of the year, exceeding the total number of banks opened in the first six years from 2011 to 2016; since this year, only the first half of the year has opened 2490 columns, an increase of 69%, has achieved a steady increase in the proportion of returns; in 2017, the number of returns increased 123%, accounting for 53% of the total number of trips, in the first half of 2018. The return class increased by 100% over the same period, accounting for 69% of the total.In just six years, the Central European ...
Time: 2018 - 09 - 18
Original title: China and Europe listed Urumqi assembly center to build international logistics distribution centerThis newspaper news (reporter Li Yuanhao correspondent Li Deyong) reporter from the Central European Banlie Urumqi assembly center learned that since its commissioning in May 2016, the assembly center has been opened by August 30, the cumulative number of Central European Banlie break through 1500, accounting for about one sixth of the total number of Central European Banlie. Central Europe Banlie Urumqi assembly center has become the development speed and scale of the same areas ...
Time: 2018 - 10 - 27
Beijing Business News (Reporter Wang Xiaoran Chen Yunzhe) August 23, Alibaba released the first quarter of the financial year 2009 financial results, financial reports show that with the investment in China Communications, leading investment in Hong Kong eHub and other projects landed, rookie accelerated the layout of intelligent logistics backbone network, logistics network effect further emerged, efficiency has exceeded the traditional logistics model Type.This quarter, the first of the six major global eHubs have been launched in Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Moscow and Liege (B...
Time: 2018 - 09 - 18
炎炎夏日,骄阳似火,为了送给职工一份清凉,让大家度过一个舒适的夏季,公司提前细心地为全体员工准备了降温饮品、藿香正气液、夏桑菊颗粒冲剂等实用的“过夏必备品”。      5月27日下午,由后勤部门组织并将福利品发放到每位员工的手中,现场每个人的脸上都洋溢着灿烂的笑容,心里感受到却是一丝丝的凉意,充分体现了公司对员工的人文关怀与关爱,彰显出公司企业文化建设的风采。  不仅仅送来了清凉,公司总经理杨总也送来了对员工最深切的问候,关注一线员工的工作艰辛,有任何需求尽管提出,公司将给予最大的支持与鼓励。这不单单是一份礼,更映射出泰实企业一份浓浓的情!
Time: 2019 - 05 - 27
On May 6, Amazon announced that it will build a new logistics center in Kaigewosi, East Midland, and provide more than 500 permanent jobs in the area. The new facilities will be used to support third-party sellers.It is reported that the Kegworth Logistics Center is Amazon's fifth logistics center in East Midland. The other four logistics centers are located in Keerwei, Dawenteli, Luqili, and Rugby. Amazon also opened its first processing center in Coventry to receive and sort millions of products sold each year by British stations.Amazon says Amazon UK currently has more than 250 million ...
Time: 2019 - 05 - 07
B2B platform companies that rely on burning money have grown rapidly, but the fortress is low. Once the funds can not keep up, the entire chain will collapse. Most B2B companies are still a bit more stable. Do not harvest the flow rate at the first time. Fish are not raised., directly fishing a wave, Not much, but the fish pond is dead. Precision flow control, data analysis, supply chain services to do solid, build a good B2B e-commerce platform drive strategy is more reliable.Flow: Get accurate flow, lower cost efficiencyWhen it comes to traffic, many B2B users may have a question. Is it not ...
Time: 2019 - 04 - 25
Liuaili, party secretary and chairman of China Postal group, recently published a signed article in the 'research on institutional party building' magazine, which is headed by the central government and the state organ working committee. In addition to making a profound summary of the party building work of the Postal group, the article also expounds the current situation and development ideas of the development of the Postal group in China.In his article, Liuaili introduced the deepening of the postal system reform, adhering to science and technology, promoting professional management...
Time: 2019 - 04 - 18
On April 9, Debon Express recently released its annual report for 2018, which showed that in 2018, Debon Express's Large-piece express business revenue was 11.397 billion yuan, an increase of 64.50% compared with the same period last year, while its express business revenue was 11.206 billion yuan, a decrease of 13.76% compared with the same period last year. For the first time, Group Express has surpassed Express in revenue, handing in its first report card since the announcement of strategic transformation.Looking back on the history of Debang's express delivery development, we can s...
Time: 2019 - 04 - 10
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