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Ali earnings: rookie accelerate investment layout network effect has surpassed traditional electrici

Date: 2018-09-18
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Beijing Business News (Reporter Wang Xiaoran Chen Yunzhe) August 23, Alibaba released the first quarter of the financial year 2009 financial results, financial reports show that with the investment in China Communications, leading investment in Hong Kong eHub and other projects landed, rookie accelerated the layout of intelligent logistics backbone network, logistics network effect further emerged, efficiency has exceeded the traditional logistics model Type.

This quarter, the first of the six major global eHubs have been launched in Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Moscow and Liege (Belgium), and the construction of these backbone nodes will be launched one after another.


At the Hong Kong International Airport, newbies are investing about $1.5 billion in building world-class digital logistics centers with China Airlines and Roundtrip Express (11.530, 0.05, 0.44%). The landmark project will become an important logistics hub in the Great Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. It will also provide Hong Kong with new opportunities for economic and employment growth.

Alibaba and rookie also bought about 10% of China express through $1 billion 380 million in the quarter. China Express is a leading and fast-growing express company in China. Both sides will explore the new retail and industry digital upgrade in depth.

In addition to building infrastructure and innovating logistics models, newbies are also using technology to enhance the efficiency of intelligent logistics backbone network. According to Alibaba's financial report, in Kuala Lumpur's ehub, the rookie system connects directly to Malaysian Customs and promotes off-line manual declaration to on-line declaration. 99.9% of on-line pre-declaration packages are cleared in seconds, reducing the total clearance time for SMEs by nearly 10 million hours per month.

Based on the intelligent logistics backbone network, Chinese consumers have begun to enjoy minute-class distribution; even if the purchase of imported goods, but also gradually realize the next day delivery. In Moscow and parts of Western Europe, local residents can receive Chinese goods on the day of placing an order, thanks to rookie warehouses overseas. Many small businessmen in Yiwu, China, can sell their mobile phone cases overseas at lower cost by taking the rookie super economic special line.

Different from the traditional single logistics mode such as express delivery and warehouse allocation, the goal of this series of layout is to build a three-dimensional global network and optimize the efficiency of the whole network by using leading IOT, edge computing, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies.

Yang Daqing, an expert member of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, said that Alibaba and rookies are now investing in logistics networks to create a leading logistics model for the future. Because the efficiency of traditional logistics has reached the limit, the logistics network effect must depend on the future. "Neither docking with customs systems of various countries nor dispatching global resources to solve the problem of double-eleven days of parcels can be done by a single logistics company, which is the unique effect of the logistics network. The global intelligent logistics backbone network built by rookies has become the infrastructure of global business. Yang Daqing said.

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