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Urumqi central assembly center to build an international logistics hub

Date: 2018-10-27
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Original title: China and Europe listed Urumqi assembly center to build international logistics distribution center

This newspaper news (reporter Li Yuanhao correspondent Li Deyong) reporter from the Central European Banlie Urumqi assembly center learned that since its commissioning in May 2016, the assembly center has been opened by August 30, the cumulative number of Central European Banlie break through 1500, accounting for about one sixth of the total number of Central European Banlie. Central Europe Banlie Urumqi assembly center has become the development speed and scale of the same areas in the country's leading Central Europe Banlie cargo distribution center, destination and origin.

Distribution of goods has always been a short board that restricts the growth of China and Europe. Aiming at the individual logistics demand of customers inside and outside Xinjiang, China-Europe Banlie-Urumqi Gathering Center designs exclusive and customized whole-process logistics plan for customers, attracting inland export materials to "turn into whole" and re-assemble in Urumqi, thus forming the management mode of China-Europe Banlie-Urumqi Gathering and Opening with complementary axles and scattered goods in Urumqi. Transportation efficiency is higher, radiation range is wider, to win the cost space for customers, improve the market competitiveness of goods. At present, Urumqi assembly center has formed stable cooperative relations with more than 200 import and export enterprises both inside and outside Xinjiang.

As an important carrier of opening up and interconnection, Xinjiang Railway speeds up the transformation from simple channel transport to "channel + hub" and constructs the whole logistics channel from Urumqi to the West and from the east to the west. Starting from Urumqi assembly center, 19 westbound international freight train routes covering 17 Eurasian countries and 24 cities have been completed. According to statistics, in 2016, the Central European Banlie Urumqi Gathering Center opened 135 columns, in 2017 710 columns, so far in 2018 655 columns, an increase of 68.3%, accounting for 92.3% of the total opening in 2017.

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