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Liuaili, China Post Group: Building Two Dominant Networks and Forging Three Core Competitiveness

Date: 2019-04-18
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Liuaili, party secretary and chairman of China Postal group, recently published a signed article in the 'research on institutional party building' magazine, which is headed by the central government and the state organ working committee. In addition to making a profound summary of the party building work of the Postal group, the article also expounds the current situation and development ideas of the development of the Postal group in China.

In his article, Liuaili introduced the deepening of the postal system reform, adhering to science and technology, promoting professional management and diversified development, and greatly liberating and developing the productive forces. Group business revenue increased from 28.7 billion yuan in 1998 to 566.8 billion yuan, and profits increased from a loss of 17.9 billion yuan to a profit of 46.8 billion yuan. It has achieved a range from the traditional Postal enterprises that operate mail parcels, newspapers and periodicals, savings and exchange, and stamp collecting, to the basic postal services. It also deals with the transformation of modern enterprise groups that operate financial businesses(banking, insurance, securities), express logistics, and e-commerce.

At present, China Post has a network that covers urban and rural areas and covers the whole country. It has 54,100 business outlets, 355,000 convenience service stations, 100,000 village post stations, and 100 % coverage of service outlets and townships.

Next, China Post must continue to hold high the banner of 'serving agriculture, rural areas, and rural areas' and 'e-business poverty alleviation', give full play to the advantages of postal brand reputation, channel outlets, and logistics and distribution in rural areas, and promote the three-year strategy of postal service to rural areas. We will develop inclusive finance in rural areas, vigorously promote loans for farmers, comprehensive financial services, and insurance for farmers to help rural poor people get rid of poverty. We will create a rural e-commerce platform, promote rural e-commerce distribution and rural logistics and distribution services, help agricultural products enter the city and industrial products go to the countryside, and effectively solve rural difficulties in buying and selling, so as to help farmers get rid of poverty and increase income. China Post will become 'the main channel for the supply of universal services in rural areas, the leader in the development of e-commerce in rural areas, the new force of financial support for rural revitalization, the leader of integrated logistics services in rural areas, and the national leader in the fight against poverty.'

For future development, Liuaili said that we must promote institutional breakthroughs in accordance with market laws, industry laws, and law of value, and set the standard, match, and meet the requirements of continuous improvement from the perspective of customers, competition perspectives, industry's optimal perspective, and self-improvement. We will push for breakthroughs in science and technology empowerment to be integrated and intelligent, increase total factor productivity, build two dominant networks, namely, the 'real information network' and the 'information network', and forge the three core competencies of 'time limit, cost, and service'. Investment will be rewarded, products will be marketed, enterprises will have profits, employees will have income, the government will have taxes, and the environment will be improved. We will better meet the needs of the people for personalized, diversified and upgraded services.

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