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China and Europe are moving into a new stage of stable development.

Date: 2018-09-18
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In 2017, China and Europe Banlie opened 3673 columns, an increase of 116% over the same period of the year, exceeding the total number of banks opened in the first six years from 2011 to 2016; since this year, only the first half of the year has opened 2490 columns, an increase of 69%, has achieved a steady increase in the proportion of returns; in 2017, the number of returns increased 123%, accounting for 53% of the total number of trips, in the first half of 2018. The return class increased by 100% over the same period, accounting for 69% of the total.

In just six years, the Central European train, known as the Silk Road "Iron Camel" from scratch, is entering a new stage of stable development.

In the early stages of the development of the Central European Ban-Le, there were many doubts: can the Ban-Le run smoothly after leaving the subsidy? How to solve the problem of return no-load effectively? In response, a set of figures may be able to answer. Since the successful operation of the first train from Chongqing to Duisburg in 2011, the central European train has achieved rapid development from scratch, and the number of trains has blown out. The train has traveled from 48 cities in China to 14 countries and 42 cities in Europe. From 2011 to 2016, CEIBL achieved a leap from 17 to 1702 columns; in 2017, CEIBL opened 3673 columns, an increase of 116% year-on-year, exceeding the total number of rows from 2011 to the first six years of 2016; since this year, only the first half of the year has opened 2490 columns, an increase of 69% year-on-year, especially the proportion of return routes has steadily increased; The number of return trains increased by 123% year on year, accounting for 53% of the total number of trips. In the first half of 2018, the number of return trains increased by 100% year on year, accounting for 69% of the total number of trips.

Fully loaded with goods and hope linking the two ends of China and Europe, the continuous advance of the Silk Road Express across the Eurasian continent not only witnessed the interconnection of trade between China and Europe, but also strongly demonstrated that relying on the strength of the market, the Sino-European train has the ability to achieve smooth operation and become a "locomotive" to drive the economic and trade development of the countries and regions along the line.

The role of "locomotive" is first reflected in the interconnection and interconnection of trade. With the development of the "one belt and one road" construction, the central and European class has become a trade landscape along the "one belt and one road". From machinery and electronic products to the exotic flavor of the dining table, from timber, cars to clothing, shoes and hats, daily department stores, the categories of goods are increasingly rich, and the scale of trade is gradually expanding. The bridges between China and Europe not only connect the trade enterprises between China and Europe, but also benefit the daily life of the people of the relevant countries.

China Unicom Asia-Europe Continent and China-Europe Banlie have also brought new opportunities and breakthroughs to the industrial and economic development of relevant countries. Domestically, some of the declining freight systems have been reactivated, and inland cities have found new exports for export-oriented development. Wherever the train passes, new logistics, industrial and commercial centers are springing up, industrial parks are in full swing, and thousands of jobs are available to local people. Facts have proved that the central European train, which is connected in series with the main transportation lines in Eurasia, is playing an increasingly strong function of economic agglomeration and radiation.

At the same time, China and Europe are not only beneficiaries of the "one belt and one way" construction, but also the actual participants and promoters of related construction. On the one hand, the normalized operation of CEL provides a convenient land route for the logistics between China and Europe, which makes up for the shortcomings of long shipping time and high air freight costs, and becomes an important way to promote the economy of China and European countries. On the other hand, as a new mode of international logistics organization, the cooperation between the railway, port, customs and other departments between countries is becoming closer and closer, relying on the practice of "one-stop" service, "integrated" customs clearance, and "whole process" supervision and efficient service, the Sino-European train not only greatly saves the cost of transnational logistics, but also upgrades. The market competitiveness of relevant countries' commodities.

In the future, in the process of building "one belt and one road", China and Europe will also set up cooperation mechanisms in the international railway, domestic enterprises cooperation platform, transport support system framework, whole logistics service system, customs clearance level, international intermodal innovation development, operation safety assurance, brand effect and so on. The face contributes wisdom and strength. The operation of CEL is itself a practical process of new transport mode, new technology and logistics innovation and development. Taking multi-modal transport as an example, China-EU Banlie is trying to break through the original transport and trade restrictions, and become the pilot field and Pioneer Area of innovative logistics development in China. With the help of "one belt and one road" and the new concept of global governance, China and Europe will create an international brand of cooperation and sharing, and become a golden channel to drive the economic development of relevant countries and regions.

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