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World route development conference held in Guangzhou in 2018

Date: 2018-09-18
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In a speech on September 16-18, Wang Zhiqing, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration, said that the CAAC would continue to adhere to the market opening policy and create favorable conditions for further expansion of air transport cooperation. Lin Shaochun, standing committee member and executive vice governor of Guangdong Provincial Committee, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

The world route development conference is known as the "Olympic Games" and "World Expo" of the global civil aviation circles. The conference attracted more than 300 airlines, 700 Airport administrations, 130 governments and tourism agencies from 115 countries around the world. Around the three hot words of "aviation", "city" and "economy", the conference held three forums: International Airport Hub Strategy and Urban Innovation Forum, Airport Industry Economic Forum and Smart Cities and Smart Airports Forum, inviting major airports and airlines around the world, well-known wind speculators, and related national industries. Experts and high-level representatives discuss the linkage between aviation, city, economy and innovation, and hold a series of activities such as Guangzhou tourism promotion meeting, one-on-one talks, city sightseeing and folk art performances.


Wang Zhiqing pointed out that in recent years, driven by the improvement of the global economic situation and other factors, the world civil aviation industry has maintained a sustained and rapid growth. China is an active participant, witness and promoter of the world civil aviation development, and has made positive contributions to the development of the world air transport. In the future, China will continue to be one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world. The market size will continue to increase. Buying the world and selling the world will provide strong support for the expansion of the aviation market; the consumer group will continue to expand; the number of Chinese citizens leaving the country will continue to grow in the next few years; and the huge consumer group will expand the aviation market. It will lay a solid foundation; support capacity will continue to improve, by 2025 China will add more than 130 airports, airport layout is expected to reach 370 total, airspace capacity will be further released, which will provide great space for the expansion of the aviation market.

In order to further boost the development of world air transport, Wang Zhiqing said that China's aviation market has great potential for development. CAAC will continue to adhere to the policy of market opening, actively promote the liberalization and facilitation of air transport, and create favorable conditions for further expanding air transport cooperation. It is hoped that this conference will provide an opportunity for all parties to reach more consensus and cooperation and make greater contributions to the sustained and healthy development of world aviation.

"Guangdong attaches great importance to the development of the civil aviation industry. In recent years, it has established the layout of the'5+4'backbone airport with Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport as the hub, and has constantly strengthened the airport planning and construction, expanded and encrypted domestic and foreign routes. The development of the civil aviation industry has shown a good trend of accelerating the upgrading of quality, comprehensive strength and increasing international competitiveness." In his speech, Lin Shaochun said that Guangdong will take this conference as an opportunity to actively attract and connect global aviation resources, share valuable experience in the development of the international aviation industry, and make high-level plans to promote the reform and development of the aviation industry in Guangdong, making due contributions to the development of the aviation industry in China and even the world.

At the opening ceremony, Guangdong Airport Group signed a memorandum of cooperation on route development with seven airlines, including Southern Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and Siberian Airlines. According to the memorandum, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport will open Madrid, Milan, St. Petersburg, Islamabad and other high-quality international routes.

It is understood that in 2017, China opened 382 new international routes, the total number of international routes reached 1,634, doubling from 2015; completed passenger traffic of 550 million people, an increase of 13%, accounting for 16.3% of the total global passenger transport.

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