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Guangzhou customs promotes 9 measures to support Baiyun Airport's international hub

Date: 2018-09-18
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In September 17th, the Guangzhou customs held a press conference to support the construction of Baiyun International Airport Hub. Chen Donglu, deputy director of Customs at Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou Customs, said that in recent years, with the accelerated pace of construction of Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou, as an important aviation hub in the world and an important traffic node in Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, will play a prominent role. Guangzhou Customs will launch 9 in three aspects of supporting Baiyun Airport to build an international aviation hub. Measures.

Guangzhou Customs will take three measures to enhance the customs clearance experience of inbound and outbound passengers. First, it will build "intelligent travel inspection" by means of information technology. It will take the lead in building a backstage baggage pre-inspection system covering inbound and outbound baggage and checked baggage in the country. It will cooperate with RFID baggage tracking system and "big data" risk analysis to accurately lock high-risk baggage. The second is to upgrade self-service customs clearance services, take the lead in the country to use self-service pre-declaration aircraft, inbound and outbound passengers can enter declaration information by brushing passport to complete customs declaration procedures; the third is to improve international transit business supervision, "through flight" business in China Southern Airlines international routes. Let's save time by more than half an hour.

In order to promote the development of aviation logistics industry, Guangzhou Customs will take measures from the following three aspects: first, to create a "smart airport" and cargo customs clearance process "online"; second, to implement "early declaration" and cargo customs clearance time further reduced; third, to implement the "emergency supervision" model, special cargo all-weather customs clearance.

In support of the development of the airport industry, Guangzhou Customs will also take three measures: first, to help the development of aircraft financing leasing business, to facilitate the import of airlines aircraft; second, to build "express clearance" model room, to help promote the vigorous development of outbound express, e-commerce business; third, to further improve the depth of integration of customs and inspection. Port business environment.

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