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Creating B2B E-Business Platform Driver Strategy: Flow + Data + Service

Date: 2019-04-25
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B2B platform companies that rely on burning money have grown rapidly, but the fortress is low. Once the funds can not keep up, the entire chain will collapse. Most B2B companies are still a bit more stable. Do not harvest the flow rate at the first time. Fish are not raised., directly fishing a wave, Not much, but the fish pond is dead. Precision flow control, data analysis, supply chain services to do solid, build a good B2B e-commerce platform drive strategy is more reliable.

Flow: Get accurate flow, lower cost efficiency

When it comes to traffic, many B2B users may have a question. Is it not said that B2B's most taboo is to harvest traffic in the first place?

Here, the cloud craftsman is clear, do B2B, 'you don't need everyone'!

Despite the 1.3 billion Chinese people and the vast size of the market, there is only a part of the target group that belongs to you. B2B companies must not draw large cakes on the traffic. B2B needs people who 'know you'. This wave flow is the premise of realization!

In this era, information is explosive, but don't panic. The requirements for access to traffic in a severe market environment have indeed increased, but there are always opportunities. Content is scarce, and it is critical that you produce what is needed by the target user.

And research users are fundamental. User drawing is like a powerful communication tool that identifies target users and allows stakeholders to maintain consistent goals.

B2B companies draw user portraits from:

1. Potential / existing client questionnaire survey
2. Potential / current customer one-on-one interviews: a bit of trouble, but it makes the customer feel valued.
3. Internal data mining analysis: reasonable data embedding, analysis of the reasons behind customer behavior.

4. Sales Team Interview: Copy and promote the most successful sales people's experience and skills.

5. Corporate interviews: They may have unique ideas.

6. Customer Success Team Interview: They are people who have been dealing with customers and know them best.

7. Public/paid data analysis reports

8. Intercommunity exchange(meetings/informal)

In the B-side market, you will find that you are not facing a person, but a group of people. This group has a variety of organizational relationships, different concerns and interests. The content you want to conceive is not produced for one person, but is produced to meet the specific needs of an enterprise or a group of people.

From the point of view of B2B, interests and emotions are the most basic demands of most industrialists. Business is low frequency, after all, and it is difficult to mobilize the enthusiasm of industrial people without interest.

Altruism is often mentioned in the psychology of economics, which is also the greatest business model in the world. Getting customers on the B-side is the value of conveying the boss's concern.

For example:

Corporate bosses are focused on benefits and costs, and if they're being told that using our product makes the business more efficient and makes it easier for employees ... it's bullshit. The correct value transfer is: Buying our products can help the company improve its overall business efficiency. It used to take seven people to complete the work. After using our products to automate all business processes, it only needs one person to manage it. It also avoids manual operations that cause data entry errors, list leaks, etc., so that he can reduce labor costs, and also reduce errors caused by manual operations. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what the other person's role is, and then the corresponding choice presents What content, What value to pass on.

B2B corporate value transfer strategy:

1. Start with the pain point to encourage and interest customers-the best position is your title;

2. Specifying the benefits that can be obtained by enterprises and individuals;

3. Describe stakeholder conflicts of interest to build consensus;

4. Describe the benefits that your product/service can bring;

5. Show product/service characteristics to make those benefits look more real.

With the initial flow dividend, the era of lying on the horse's lap to make money has basically ended. There are people on each track. If B2B companies want to overtake the curve, they must clearly define the target user's portrait and accurately output the flow, which is an advantage. The sophisticated operation of the B2B e-commerce platform can reduce procurement costs upstream, and downstream can better attract users, and can initially achieve the lower cost efficiency that the company wants.

Data: Embedding large data systems to release potential value and improve supply chain 'four-stream'

Traffic after the acquisition of a large number of customer information data, product data, market data. .. .. .. .. .. Into the platform, if the station does not have a systematic thing to analyze the data, then the data are just a bunch of worthless cold numbers.

B2B companies need to structure big data strategies to understand many factors such as the composition of the industry market, the breakdown of market characteristics, consumer demand, and the status of competitors, and expand the breadth and depth of industry data. A B2B platform embedded in a large data system can fully stimulate the potential value of data. Can help B2B e-commerce companies cut into a good perspective to integrate large data, relying on rich big data scenarios and refined data operations. Can improve the traditional supply chain sales and sales communication methods, circulation costs, capital matching efficiency, information flow and other important links, that is, the legendary supply chain 'four-stream'(business flow, logistics, capital flow, information flow).

The quotient cloud responds to the development trend of large data, amplifies the value of B2B e-commerce services, adopts the industry's advanced large data processing technology architecture, and builds an enterprise-class large data system. The system supports the structural, unstructured, and streaming data processing of the PB level. Supporting large-scale applications such as real-time precision marketing, various self-help tools, and data sharing within and outside the industry, there are specific improvements to the 'four-stream' of the B2B supply chain:

Business flow: Embedding large data systems in B2B e-commerce platforms can quickly match commodity information and user data in the platform, improve the weight of traditional sales and promote the convenience of transactions.

Logistics: B2B e-commerce will quickly scale logistics through large data systems and compress multiple and complex intermediate channels in traditional circulation channels, which will improve logistics warehousing efficiency and distribution speed.

Financial flows: The B2B e-commerce platform big data system is based on the mining and analysis of users 'large number of transaction behaviors, and establishes a credit evaluation system to provide supply chain financial services for customers downstream of the supply chain. The entire supply chain's funding matching and turnover are then optimized, and the total cost of funds is reduced..

Information flow: The value of B2B e-commerce's contribution to information is mainly due to the rapid transfer of a large amount of market data and user data. Based on the precipitation, excavation, and analysis of large data, it can efficiently convey information and solve information asymmetry problems. Improve the information transparency, so that different regions hesitate information asymmetry resulting in price differences can be gradually eliminated.

Services: B2B E-commerce platform one-stop service to boost value-added space

Zhouhongyi mentioned in Subversion: What is the concept of a platform? Everyone has learned the principle of pressure, if your resources, the company's resources are very limited, you are going to push an elephant today, you stretch out your hands to push, you may not be able to push, but you can find a soft place, Use a needle to put it in, and you might be able to sting an elephant.

B2B supply chain is the same as available, starting from the most 'soft' point of market demand, using warehousing, logistics, and finance as entry points, through the Internet to meet the actual demand for one-stop purchasing by downstream customers, enhance customer stickiness, and increase the conversion rate of paid users. To realize the realization from flow to value; At the same time, the three are also value-added services in the supply chain, which can create new values for the B2B e-commerce industry. Supplemented by the large-scale data orientation marketing marketing of the e-commerce platform, it will essentially boost the value-added space.

Storage services:

The standard properties of the B2B platform are all large in mass. The most straightforward problem is that the difficulty of storage is high in cost. The platform can realize the visualization and intellectualization of storage by building a WMS system and coordinate the transfer of goods. To provide customers with one-stop storage services, not only can improve the efficiency of warehouse management, but also can reduce the purchase cost of customers and improve the purchase experience of customers.

In the development of warehousing services, enterprises generally use self-built warehouses or cooperate with third-party warehouses. At present, companies on the market will choose more forms of warehousing outsourcing. The main reasons are:

1, most enterprises have time fluctuations in production and operation activities or market demand, there is a fixed amount of self-built warehouses, there may be waste of resources;

2, for most enterprises, the 'geographical location selection' of self-built warehouses are more restrictive factors, the number of warehouses is limited, there are advantages in the construction of warehouses in the region, but the cost of self-built warehouses nationwide is too large and the logistics efficiency is low.

Logistics services:

For customers, the one-stop warehouse logistics service provided by the e-commerce platform can reduce the purchase cost of customers and make logistics services more convenient. This in turn will stimulate the trading volume of the platform to increase. For the e-commerce platform, on the basis of the WMS system, the e-commerce platform can quickly scale logistics through Internet technology and large data and compress the multiple and complex intermediate channel levels in traditional circulation channels, which will improve logistics efficiency and distribution. Speed, reduce costs, Increase the value of the supply chain.

'Internet + logistics' is a more mainstream logistics service model. Enterprises are responsible for coordinating, outsourcing transportation to third-party logistics companies, monitoring the entire process through the transportation management platform, linking various roles, and realizing information sharing and business coordination.

Supply chain financial services:

Supply chain finance as a standard for B2B platforms, regardless of the 'story' of any profit point or the actual development of B2B, has long been regarded as an important part of the supply chain.

Supply chain finance is a financial activity based on the real trading background. The essence is to help members in the chain to activate their current assets. Its biggest goal is to improve the internal capital efficiency of the supply chain and eventually achieve win-win results.

The number of small and medium-sized enterprises in our country is huge, but because of the small scale of their own operations, it is difficult to obtain bank loans that match the operation. The wind control cost of small and medium-sized enterprises is too high, resulting in an annualized cost rate of funds of about 11 % or even higher, resulting in tight capital chain. However, business needs to be developed, and enterprises still need to solve the problem of supply chain financial business. Therefore, this also determines the broad development prospects of supply chain financial services.

The most obvious advantage of B2B e-businesses in conducting financial business is that they can obtain a new growth point and obtain additional income by charging service fees. In addition to potential revenue growth, financial services will also play a role in the platform supply chain and ecology. B2B supply chain finance has gradually become an innovative fulcrum to leverage B2B transactions. Supply chain finance is centered on an e-commerce platform, relying on real trade, and trading through financial flows. Comprehensive services form data, and then data creates low-cost wind control systems. Then it returns to support the reduction of capital costs and forms a closed-loop industrial chain with a rolling growth of transaction scale.

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