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Daily Youxian Line "Youxian Supermarket" Layout Online Supermarket is difficult to break through

Date: 2019-05-23
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On May 23, with the upgrade of the pre-position, the daily improvement of positioning and strategy reconsidered. In the new plan, the pre-warehouse model even has the functions of a vegetable market, a convenience store, a take-out coffee, a supermarket fresh and high-frequency daily, and a B2C e-commerce.

A few days ago, Yushen officially launched the 'Youxian Supermarket', which expanded the product category from vegetables, fruits, aquatic products and other fresh products to include U.S. makeup, individual care, cleanliness, and health care. This addition is also an extension of daily fresh and fresh electricity to online comprehensive supermarkets.

In fact, Wangjun, a daily excellent partner and CFO, had previously stated that Daily Fresh is not satisfied with doing fresh electricity business only, but is based on fresh full-category development and becoming a supermarket. The daily fresh current gross profit rate is about 10 %, The cost of covering the entire chain is more than 20 points for a mature supermarket, which can prove that daily excellence is more efficient than traditional stores. '

In the view of Wangjun, the daily fresh CFO, the vegetable market is a high-hair rate industry, and it also relies on government subsidies and is difficult to chain development. Relatively speaking, the more mature offline chain business is the supermarket. Its customer price is high and its gross profit rate is low. Users can purchase it once every three days. Only under the impact of the e-commerce industry, supermarkets are no longer dominant in terms of structural costs. Therefore, for daily excellent products, what it wants to do is an online comprehensive supermarket based on fresh products.

According to the IGD study of the International food and consumer goods industry research and training organization, the overall market value of China's online supermarket market will reach about 180 billion U.S. dollars by 2020, while the current online penetration rate of supermarket department stores is less than 7 %, indicating that there is still a huge growth potential..

For online Mercantile, the competition is mainly around the product category, price and logistics, and the commercial super-fast consumer products are mostly instant consumption. The customer's demand is to buy it. At present, the competition situation of supermarkets on the front line has already formed a situation of opposition between Tmall and Jingdong. It is not easy for you to enter the game at this time.

Ali used to be mainly an open platform. He did not participate in the procurement of commodities and did not build logistics. Although he realized the importance of logistics for the e-commerce user experience, he began to establish a rookie warehouse and basically met the '211' delivery in the first-tier cities. However, it can not be completely spread throughout the country in the short term. However, in January 2019, the Tmall Supermarket Business Group announced that it will upgrade its business model from a 'acting sales' oriented model to a 'acting sales' and 'picking sales' parallel model, which means that this day Cat Supermarket began to become self-employed.

From the beginning, Jingdong mainly did its own business, controlled the goods and quality from the source, provided a complete after-sales service system, and established a huge e-commerce logistics system throughout the country. Thus in the quality of goods and delivery speed has a good guarantee.

In addition, the daily fresh and fresh products that are relatively advantageous are also used as supermarket 'flow grabbing hands' and become a battleground for Tmall and Jingdong. On December 24th, Ali announced that the cat's super-fresh operating rights had been transferred from Yi Guo to the hands of the box horse, and the box horse integrated the online and offline business of the cat supermarket and Amoy Xianda. Jingdong, on the other hand, merged the fresh food business department and the 7FRESH into a fresh and proprietary business. Jingdong returned home to cooperate with offline supermarkets including Wal-Mart and Yonghui to make instant distribution platforms.

From this point of view, although Wangjun said that 'the next thing we need to do is to quickly break through to become the largest supermarket in China,' it has long been in the market of Tmall and Jingdong. There is still a long way to go.

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