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5G How to Change Express Logistics

Date: 2019-07-18
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In 2019, it will become the first year of 5G business. 5G business will not only change our lives, but also lead to great changes in the industry. What changes will 5G bring to the entire logistics industry?

The difference between 5G and 4G

With its wide coverage, low latency, high security, and high industry empowerment, the 5G network has significant advantages in the operation of the enterprise.

In 5G technology, if two users under the same base station communicate with each other, their data will no longer be forwarded through the base station, but directly to the device, which is D2D, Device to Device.

Based on the huge improvement in the 4G era, the ITU International Telecommunication Union defined three standards or three business scenarios for 5G. In simple terms, 5G has faster speed, more equipment, and ultra-low latency.

Enhanced mobile broadband(eMBB) to achieve higher transmission speeds; eMBB will face high-traffic mobile broadband applications such as ultra-clear video, virtual reality(VR) / enhanced reality(AR), and high-speed mobile Internet access;

Ultra-reliable and low-latency communication(uRLLC) to achieve ultra-low latency; URLLC is highly demanding for vehicle networking, industrial control, remote surgery, etc., and can not solve special applications for real-time connections through caching;

Large-scale machine type communication(mMTC) to achieve a greater amount of scalability. MMTC is aimed at applications such as the Internet of Things, which aims at sensing and data acquisition. It has the characteristics of small data packets, massive connections, and more base station collaboration.

5G How to Change Logistics

We can see that these applications are in line with the future development of the logistics industry. The rapid decline in the cost of 5G technology and Internet of Things sensors has contributed to the popularization of the use of scenarios in the end-to-end supply chain of the IoT Internet of Things. Achieve the interconnection of people, equipment, vehicles and goods ... Logistics companies will obtain more data; Second, the development of artificial intelligence technology has made data processing capabilities stronger, and data mining is of greater value. In addition, the practical applications of autopilot, AGVs unmanned vehicles and UAVs will also enter the practical phase faster with the push of 5G. All of the above will promote the logistics industry to implement the intelligent logistics model based on Internet of Things + Artificial Intelligence(IoT + AI).

Logistics Storage: Inexhaustible Intelligent Equipment

The development of 5G has promoted the further intellectualization of logistics storage equipment. Whether it is AGVs, machine vision recognition, VR/AR applications, etc., have gradually begun to change. This trend is reflected in three main areas:

First, in the process of robot clouding, wireless communication network is required to have extremely low delay and high reliability. The 5G network is the ideal communication network of cloud robot and is the key of cloud robot. The 5G network slice can provide end-to-end customized network support for cloud robot applications.

Second, in the storage logistics facilities embedded in smart equipment, whether it is high-speed sorting equipment, robots, smart forklifts and other equipment in the future can achieve remote centralized operation, monitoring, preventive maintenance.

In addition, based on the network, remote control and visualization of the operation process, the cloud warehouse model will be further developed and implemented. On this basis, enterprises can realize the construction and management of intelligent logistics parks through intelligent equipment in the process of managing logistics parks and stations.

Intelligent Logistics Tracking: Thousands of Miles, I Follow You

Most of the current logistics tracking is delayed and not seamless. With the development of business and the improvement of user demand, enterprises will have greater demand for tracking visualization of goods. The 5G will show advantages in depth coverage, low power consumption and low cost. Improvements provided by the 5G will include optimizing logistics in a wide range of industries-improving personnel efficiency, safety, and improving commodity, cargo positioning, and tracking efficiency. This will help enterprises maximize cost savings and realize real-time dynamic tracking.

At present, there are hundreds of millions of cameras distributed in all types of logistics warehouses and stations. They will upgrade from a simple monitoring backtracking facility to a cloud monitoring network composed of intelligent sensing devices under the 5G's availability. Then help the management personnel realize the intelligent logistics management. In this way, based on cloud computing, low-cost video monitoring solutions that incorporate new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence can accurately visualize video surveillance images, and monitor, calculate, analyze, and warn in real time to protect logistics transportation.

Dynamic Car Networking: The feeling of driverless, flying

Car networking is an important enabling acceleration direction for 5G in the field of logistics. It is based on vehicle intranet, inter-vehicle network and vehicle-mounted mobile Internet. It integrates sensors, RFID, data mining, automatic control and other related technologies, in accordance with the agreed communication protocols and standards., In the process of vehicle-car, road, pedestrian, and Internet interaction, dynamic mobile communication between vehicles and public networks is realized.

5G can solve the problems of vehicle networking in terms of security, communication standards, architecture, etc., so that car networking can truly be used in the daily operation of unmanned, intelligent trailers in logistics.In addition, vehicle networking and OBD can also help achieve preventive maintenance of vehicle equipment, realize dynamic real-time visualization of vehicles, and achieve dynamic real-time optimization of transportation and other operations on this basis.

UAVs: Tomorrow, maybe your delivery is unmanned.

The 5G's high bandwidth, low latency, and anti-jamming can provide strong support for the real-time communication of unmanned logistics robots. Such real-time control can make unmanned devices more secure and reliable, providing a smoother service experience. At present, Rookie, Jingdong, Shunfeng, and Suning are all experimenting with AG Vs unmanned vehicles to operate, explore and accumulate unmanned vehicle operating experience and mode, and 5G will make these attempts become large-scale applications.

The UAVs application is still mainly in the exploration phase of the main line operation in remote areas, or the transfer center to the site and other scenes. In the future, it is necessary to achieve applications in the last kilometer service, especially for the navigation of UAVs drones and the accuracy of flight control. With the help of 5G, navigation will no longer rely solely on GPS. 5G can make powerful machine vision as convenient as human eyes, and anti-interference features can make high-rises and complex electromagnetic environments. The city scene will no longer be a flying restricted area.

At the same time, these AG Vs or UAVs are equipped with a large number of sensors themselves, such as image, temperature and humidity, signal strength, and even air quality sensors. A large number of distribution AGVs unmanned vehicles and UAVs drones can collect rich three-dimensional real-time data during the completion of distribution tasks. The 5G network can guarantee the transmission of big data and provide a rich data base for the future cross-border development of logistics enterprises.

Ecological Interconnection: 5G for the Internet of Things

5G technology includes large-scale antenna arrays, new multi-antenna, ultra-dense network, new multiple access, D2D communications and other technologies. Among them, the 5G network meets the requirements of high broadband and low delay in the application of the Internet of Things, and has the advantage of low energy consumption, large connection, and deep coverage.

The Internet of Things will be the main battlefield of 5G technology, and it is also the main driving force for the development of 5G. The 5G is largely designed for the interconnection of all things.Driven by the 5G, the Internet of Things will achieve greater, deeper interconnection of people, equipment, vehicles, and goods.

It is expected that by 2021, 28 billion mobile devices will be interconnected, of which IoT equipment will reach 16 billion; Over the next decade, the Internet of Things will be expanded to reach users in various industries. The number of M2M terminals will increase dramatically and applications will be ubiquitous.

It can be seen that in the context of the major upgrade of the 5G capacity and the reconstruction of the ecosystem, 5G technology will promote the development of the logistics industry in the fields of logistics storage equipment, logistics visualization, vehicle networking, unmanned distribution equipment, and the Internet of Things. Enables vertical industry and deep Fusion to form a 5G ecology.

Author: China Wutong

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