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To accept the entrustment of the consignee of imported goods, to handle the import business on behalf of customers, to provide customers with import goods receipt qualification, to help customers arrange transportation, as well as customs clearance after the arrival of the goods, customs inspection, cargo release and other import customs clearance procedures, to provide customers with import agent one-stop care services.

Import operation procedure:

Agent customs declaration is for general trade agent import, before customs declaration must first determine the general trade agent import payment method is T/T, or L/C, if it is L/C, it is necessary to open a letter of credit, and so on after the completion of the letter of credit, to determine the import schedule, and so on after the arrival of the goods. Begin the operation of general trade declaration.

A.First, it is necessary to provide the arrival notice, the original bill of lading or the letter of guarantee.出口

B.Prepare documents for import declaration:


1、Essential documents: list, INVOICE, one contract, one declaration, one letter of declaration.


2、Imports from the EU, the United States, South Korea, Japan, such as wooden boxes need to provide heat treatment certificate or plant quarantine certificate, such as non-wooden to provide non-wooden packaging;


3、Various documents (such as import license, electromechanical certificate and important industrial certificate) stipulated in the tax regulations.


4、There is a manual for reducing tax exemption.

C.After the import declaration, if the customs examines the price, customers need to provide relevant price certificates. Documents such as letters of credit, insurance policies, original plant INVOICE, tender documents, etc.

D.After the customs prints the tax bill, the customer has to pay taxes and fees on 7 working days. If the time limit is exceeded, the customs shall collect the late fees on a daily basis.

E.After the customs inspection is released, the goods can be picked up. Another: fourteen days after arrival, the goods must be declared to the customs. If the Customs levies a delayed declaration fee on a daily basis (five thousandths of the value of the goods) for more than three months, the Customs will sell the goods without ownership.

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