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Taishi Freight has a professional team that is proficient in import and export trade, logistics and transportation. It provides professional and efficient services such as agency import and export trade, international freight, customs declaration, inspection, warehousing, distribution and transportation, foreign exchange settlement and so on. Taishi can provide general trade agency services for enterprises or individuals without import and export rights, enterprises with import and export rights but without relevant business qualifications. Let overseas excellent products serve China better.

Import and export rights agency

Import and export rights need to go through a relatively complicated process of examination and approval. The enterprise that intends to apply for import and export must obtain the approval of the relevant departments such as the Commerce Bureau, Customs, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Foreign Exchange Administration, Electronic Port and so on at the same time. Only after obtaining the examination and approval certificate of the above departments, can it be said that the company has the right of self-management of import and export. . Enterprises with the right to import and export can independently engage in import and export businesses in accordance with the law.

We provides import and export rights agent, for enterprises without import and export rights to carry out import business to provide convenient and fast business support.

Import goods: first check, then declare.

1. Documents required for the first inspection of non-statutory commodities generally include: customs declaration forms, invoices, packing lists, packaging certificates (such as: non-wooden packaging to provide non-wooden packaging certificates) the first pre-recorded inspection documents required for statutory commodity inspection, and also need to provide inspection entrustment letter (original with official seal, legal person seal), and special documents required to be specified. Certificate (such as: 3C mandatory certification, etc.) after the completion of the inspection, the original waybill stamped with the inspection seal, the need to pull through the customs declaration of imported goods.

2. General documents to be provided after customs declaration: customs declaration form, original transport document, invoice, packing list, customs declaration entrustment, accompanied by documents to provide import goods customs clearance document A, other documents to provide duty-free import goods also need to provide tax-free certificates (such as: processing trade tax-free manual, etc.).

3. After customs clearance, the goods levied by the Customs directly with the release seal shall be pulled by the Customs (import tariff, import value-added tax). After paying the duty, the Customs shall go through the formalities for the verification and cancellation of the tax payment fee and affix the release seal to the Customs. At this point, the import customs clearance procedures for imported goods are all over.

Export goods: Inspection

1. HS tax number needs to provide export goods customs clearance (B), the customs declaration unit needs the exporter to provide export goods certificate (or voucher), customs declaration entrustment (the original stamped with the official seal, legal person's seal), to the Commodity Inspection Bureau for certificate change procedures, export goods customs clearance (B).

2. Customs declaration: to provide the basic customs declaration documents: the original waybill, customs declaration forms, invoices, packing list (all with the original company seal), customs declaration entrustment (original, with the company seal, legal person seal). It is also necessary to provide export verification receipt for cancellation of export receipts. The accompanying documents need B's need to provide B certificate for import cargo customs clearance.

3. After customs clearance, the procedure of export customs clearance for export goods is completed by directly stamping the release seal on the bill of lading.

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