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Release time 2018-10-18
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Headquartered in Shanghai, China Eastern Aviation Group Co., Ltd. is one of the three major state-owned backbone air transport groups in China. Its predecessor can be traced back to the first flight squadron established in Shanghai in January 1957. By the end of 2017, the total assets of China Eastern Airlines Group had exceeded 276 billion yuan, forming a "1+9" modern aviation service integration with air passenger transport as the core business, air logistics, aviation finance, aviation real estate, aviation food, financial leasing, import and export trade, aviation media, industrial development, industrial investment and other related synergies. Department.

China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd., as the core business of the group, became the first Chinese Airlines listed in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai in 1997. With the help of Tianhe Alliance, China Eastern Airlines has set up a network of 1074 destinations in 177 countries with Shanghai as the core hub. The annual passenger traffic volume exceeds 110 million, ranking seventh in the world. Frequent passengers of Dongfang Wanli can enjoy the membership rights of 20 Tianhe Alliance airlines and the VIP lounges of more than 600 airports worldwide. .

The company operates more than 650 of the world's youngest large fleet with an average age of 5.39 years. It has 75 Internet wide-bodied fleets with the largest commercial and technological model in China and is the first to open mobile phones and other portable devices in civil aviation. China Eastern Airlines is committed to creating a wonderful travel experience for global travelers with exquisite, accurate and sophisticated services. In recent years, China Eastern Airlines has won the highest aviation safety prize - "Flight Safety Diamond Award". It has been awarded the top 50 WPP "Most Valuable Chinese Brand" for seven consecutive years, and has been selected as a brand rating agency Brand F for three consecutive years. Inance "global brand value 500", in the quality of operation, service experience, social responsibility and other fields have won international and domestic honors.

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