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Release time 2018-10-18
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Hongkong Airlines was founded in 2006, and Hongkong Airlines is a full service airline based on Hongkong. From ground operations to cabin services, the company is committed to providing exceptional customer experience in a unique atmosphere of Hong Kong charm. Hong Kong Airlines has been commended for its spirit of pursuing high quality service and has been awarded Skytrax four-star rating since 2011.

Hongkong Airlines's expanding airline network covers nearly 40 major cities in Asia Pacific and North America. The company signed a joint and code sharing agreement with 79 and 18 Airlines respectively. To provide customers with more choices and convenience.

Hong Kong Airlines continues to embrace its deep-rooted spirit of Hong Kong as it transforms from a regional company into a global aviation company. The logo of Hong Kong Airlines evolved from the image of Hong Kong City Flower Bauhinia and was printed on the fuselage of all Hong Kong Airlines as "Hong Kong Brand".

Hongkong Airlines currently operates on Airbus, which includes 37 airliners and 2 cargo planes. Hongkong Airlines has one of the world's youngest fleet, and its average age is only about 5 years. With the arrival of the first A350 passenger plane in September 2017, a total of 21 A350 aircraft will gradually join the fleet.

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