Through a digital management system, our company provides customers with intelligent warehousing logistics one-stop services including warehouse storage, cargo loading, and unloading, sorting, and scanning, packing, and security inspection, and goods delivery.


Product Advantages

Huge loading and unloading platform with advanced equipment

We have 15,000 square meters of extra-large warehouse loading and unloading platform with advanced equipment.

Dedicated security team and round-the-clock monitoring

The dedicated security team and all-round video monitoring help to realize 24/7 goods monitoring, ensuring the safe management of inbound, in-store, and outbound goods, and goods in inventory.

Intelligent sorting equipment, providing quick and efficient sorting

The digital and automated goods sorting equipment can quickly sort and organize the goods.

Standardized operating process and mature operating team

Experienced personnel are in charge of the packing process and the team of 800 skilled workers can fully meet the customer's processing requirements for the goods.

Self-equipped security inspection equipment, pre-controlling the risk

With an X-ray security inspection machine, the inspection of export goods can achieve zero error, providing security protection for the transportation of goods.

Excellent geographic location and convenient storage of goods

The warehouses are located near the airports of Guangzhou and Shenzhen with excellent geographic location and only a five-minute drive from the highway intersection.